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Bovi dehorning paste

Dehorning paste specific for calves, lambs and kids.

Calf dehorning is a common practice in dairy farms, which is justified for safety reasons for workers and in order to reduce the risk of injury among herd leaders.

Potassium hydroxide.

Using Bovi is easy and fast!

Instructions for use:

  • Identify the horn bud.
  • Use scissors to cut the skin near the bud and the surrounding area.
  • Apply a layer of BOVI DEHORNING PASTE using a wooden spatula or finger protected by a suitable glove, creating a patch on top of the point where the horn appears.  
  • Wait 30-40 seconds, to allow the paste to penetrate deep-down. No further treatment is necessary; dehorning is complete. 
  • Keep treated animals away from the others for about 6 hours.

Do not treat animals outside if it is raining (the product may run into the animal’s eyes, damaging them).

1 syringe covers the application for:
4 to 6 calves
about 15 kids.

Bovi dehorning paste is used in calves within the first week of life.
Delayed disintegration can produce unsatisfactory results.