19-0437Box of 10 100ml tubes


Anti-diarrhea paste for cattle, buffaloes, pigs, sheep and goats

ENTERICREAM is a carob-based paste with hemostatic properties and organic acids, which is recommended for animals suffering from soft or aqueous faeces.

It contains:

  • organic acids that are suitable for cases of intestinal decomposition, increase gastric acidity, improve digestive health and create a favorable environment for lactic bacteria,
  • carob flour which comes from grinding Ceratonia Siliqua fruit. It has a high content of tannins, polyphenolic compounds, which are able to bind to intestinal mucosal proteins, reducing sweating and therefore dehydration.

It is indicated as anti-diarrhea as it absorbs up to 40% of its weight in water. It also has high viscosity and condensing, stabilizing and emulsifying properties.

Instructions for use: Mix in complete feed or administer the product directly in the mouth, making sure you have the following intake: Calves: 15 gr per meal for 3 days. Cattle: Cattle at fattening – Dairy cows – Buffalo: 50 gr per day for 2 days. Swines: Piglets: 1-2 gr per day for 3 days, Feeding-Fattening-Breeding: 5-10 gr per day for 3 days. Sheep and goats: 5 gr per day for 3 days.

Composition per Lt: 1.2 Propanediol, Microcontrolled carob pulp, sucrose.

Ingredients: Moisture 46% – Crude protein 1.3% – Crude fat 0.5% – Crude fiber 1.17% – Crude ash 10.5% – Lysine 0.12% – Methionine <0.1% – Sodium 0.06% – Insoluble ash in Hcl 5%.

Additions per Lt:
E270 Lactic acid30.000 mg
E330 Citric acid15.000 mg
E284 Ammonium propionate31.000 mg
Compounds of trace elements
3b603 zinc (zinc oxide)10.000 mg