Natural Building &Strengthening

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Important before and after races. Especially on hot days the pigeon loses a lot of body fluid.

It contains high-quality carbohydrates, vitamin B12, vitamin C and electrolytes. The carefully selected carbohydrates provide an equal conversion to glycogen. 

It contains all indispensable for live amino acids

The administration of Backs flower of sulfur is recommended especially during the moulting season. Sulfur is a component of many protein compounds in the organism of the pigeon. It is essential for the regeneration of the feathering.

It is a naturally extracted liquid yeast product. 

It is unquestionably one of the most valuable natural products we know. Beeryeast contains beside vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, calcium and phosphorus a natural, rich Vitamin-B-complex and many additional substances, whose value cannot be appreciated enough.

This liver oil is distinguished by its especially high quality and is well-suited for adding to feed. Thanks to its high content of vitamin A and D3, liver oil replaces the sun in early spring, autumn and winter.

Four barks tea consists of willow, oak, elm and buckthorn bark. Unfortunately we can write here nothing about the impact. It is appropriate to search in the internet. Backs Four Barks Tea is ideally suited to winter treatment. We suggest the administration of Backs Four Bark Tea in the winter.

It is a natural product for pigeons. Garlic contains the natural active substance Allicin and other sulphurous substances.

It is rich of polyunsaturated fatty acids. While digesting Lecithin decreases oil drops, so that fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins can be better absorbed and used. Lecithin superior role in the fat metabolism of the liver. Deficiency of lecithin results in excessive fat deposition in the liver and, in consequence, irregular liver function and kidney dysfunction. Moreover, lecithin shortens the time of muscle recuperation.

It contains substances which are extremely important for the organism of pigeons – magnesium, potassium, sodium and vitamin C in easily digestible form. 

Moor-concentrate is an extract of peat plants, which run through a fermentation process under water after death. Because of those valuable humus connections such as humus acids, tannic acid, minerals and other organic reduction substances arise.

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It is an albuminous powder which is given with the feed. RACE 2010 is specially made for the racing time. You should begin with the additional feeding of RACE 2010 one week before the first training.

Certain ethereal oils are good for the digestion, stimulating the secretion of bile and enzymes in the intestine. This improves digestion, and so the food can be used in a better way.

Super-Backsin is used for near-term additional vitamin supply. In the racing time Super-Backsin refreshes depleted vitamin reserves. The high content of Vitamin D in Super-Backsinis remarkable. It assures a high inclusion of calcium, which is well known a very positive influence of the pigeon’s muscles. Every breeder should have Super-Backsin at hand when it is necessary to bridge situations of stress or illness.