Companion Animals Nutrition Supplements

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Amylactiv Digest is a preparation containing an optimal combination of enzymes participating in the digestion of nutrients: lipase – fats, amylase – carbohydrates, protease – proteins. Quick release of the enzymes in the duodenum supports food digestion to simple compounds (fatty acids, amino acids, monosaccharides) and enhances absorption processes, actively contributing to the nutrition of the cells and regeneration of the intestinal villus. The product also contains prebiotic – inulin, which helps maintain healthy intestinal microflora and assures proper digestive tract functioning.

It activates the cat’s immune system and prevents symptoms of herpesvirus infection.

Complementary feed for dogs. Daily supplement of B-vitamins. To prevent shedding and promote a healthy, shiny coat.

BIO3ACT is a repellent collar that uses the repellent properties of three different active ingredients: Geraniol, Lavender and Icaridine.

Diafarm Bitch Spray discourage unwanted attention from other dogs while bitch is in season.

A bitter solution, that counteract licking of wounds, gnawing of coat, plucking of feathers, biding in bandages etc.

Brainactiv Balance’s ingredients actively prevent degeneration of the nervous system and changes correlated with aging. Regular use of the product increases level of energy, helps functioning of the nervous system, stimulates immunology and contributes to prolonging of animals life.

Cardio Force is a product containing active ingredients supporting heart muscle and protecting the cardiovascular system from diseases.

Complementary feed for all cats. When cats wash their coat by licking, hairballs can be formed in the stomach. This can cause disturbances to the digestion resulting in vomiting, obstruction or diarrhea. Also cats that exercise insufficiently are prone to obstructions, and cat malt will be a great help in these cases. Cat malt stimulates appetite and is therefore suitable for cats that have been sick or for other reasons have reduced appetite.

Extra deep clean and caring shampoo for pets.

Citronella spray is used prophylactically to remove ectoparasites and veinotomous mosquito responsible for transmitting leishmaniasis.

Extra care shampoo for pets with dandruff.

Complementary feed for dogs and cats with fur problems such as dry fur, poor hair growth, skin irritations, dandruff, small cuts, itching, etc. 

DERMActiv is an innovative product on the veterinary market. Its active ingredients support the proper functioning of the skin and coat as well as providing them with a healthy appearance.

DermActiv Shampoo is a veterinary dermocosmetic for dogs and cats with tendencies to skin inflammations caused by bacteria and fungi.

Complementary feed for dogs and cats. Natural and well-known herbal remedy to help relax and comfort pets by stressed situations like travelling, pet shows, new environment, kennels stays, fireworks, thunderstorms etc.