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Diafarm Bitch Spray discourage unwanted attention from other dogs while bitch is in season.

A bitter solution, that counteract licking of wounds, gnawing of coat, plucking of feathers, biding in bandages etc.

Extra deep clean and caring shampoo for pets.

Extra care shampoo for pets with dandruff.

DermActiv Shampoo is a veterinary dermocosmetic for dogs and cats with tendencies to skin inflammations caused by bacteria and fungi.

Specially developed shampoo for all dogs, supplying moisture and care to fur and skin.

A moisturing ear cleaner for dogs that carefully loosens dirt and ear wax, relieving irritations in the ear. This will prevent any scratching that could lead to infections.

Use when there are flakes and dirt around the eyes.

Provides an unpleasant odour for dogs and cats. Use to discourage animals to stay in and around an area and to prevent them from fouling your home and garden. Urine and faeces must be removed and the area well cleaned.

Hydra – T is a biological regulator of hydration, maintaining water balance and increasing its retention in the deep layers of the skin, without oily residues.

Hydra Reflex is a moisturizing film lotion, protecting the skin of dogs and cats with a tendency to dry skin. Ideal for application in areas with short hair, through the action of Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide.

Hypcare Shampoo provides a soothing and rejuvenating feel, moisturizing and softening the skin. Gradually removes skin and furthrough the action of Mentha piperita extract and D-panthenol.

HypoActiv Shampoo is a gentle veterinary dermocosmetic for dogs and cats with sensitive skin, prone to allergies.

K-Treat is a high-tech repair lotion with an innovative formula that combines Phytosphingosine with Baobab protein.

Maxi OraCare are water additives for animals with a neutral pH, which reduces the factors that can contribute to gingivitis and periodontal disease.

MAXI/GUARD® OraZn® is a preparation recommended for everyday use oral hygiene, characterized by high acceptability in animals.