Bones & Joints

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Complementary feed for dogs. Flexon contains nutrients to support ability of movement and flexibility. Use Flexon in connection with stiffness, soreness, hard physical training or ageing.

Compementary feed for dogs. 

Nutritional supplement with calcium and vitamins. Daily supplement to support bone, joints and improve dog mobility.

Complementary food for dogs. 

OSTEOarthristop plus is used to ensure correct development of joint cartilage and to aid in case of reduction in joint mobility due to inflammation of bones and joints (osteoarthritis). It can also be used as a support in the treatment of other joint disorders, such as damage or improper development.

Complementary feed for dogs. Daily supplement of vitamins, minerals and chelated elements. Ideal food supplement with herbs to prevent shedding and dandruff, and promote strong bones, joints, teeth as well as a healthy and shiny coat.