Companion Animals Nutrition Supplements

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Amylactiv Digest is a preparation containing an optimal combination of enzymes participating in the digestion of nutrients: lipase – fats, amylase – carbohydrates, protease – proteins. Quick release of the enzymes in the duodenum supports food digestion to simple compounds (fatty acids, amino acids, monosaccharides) and enhances absorption processes, actively contributing to the nutrition of the cells and regeneration of the intestinal villus. The product also contains prebiotic – inulin, which helps maintain healthy intestinal microflora and assures proper digestive tract functioning.

Complementary feed for all cats. When cats wash their coat by licking, hairballs can be formed in the stomach. This can cause disturbances to the digestion resulting in vomiting, obstruction or diarrhea. Also cats that exercise insufficiently are prone to obstructions, and cat malt will be a great help in these cases. Cat malt stimulates appetite and is therefore suitable for cats that have been sick or for other reasons have reduced appetite.

Flora Defense is containing pure Saccharomyces boulardii yeast cultures and lactic acid bacteria Lactobacillus rhamnosus LR06 as well as a prebiotic (oligofructose).

Hepato Force line are products of unique compositions, whose active ingredients enhance both the function and regeneration of the liver cells.

Complementary feed for dogs. Diafarm Probiotic paste contains lactic acid bacteria to support and restore normal digestion.