Livestock Nutrition Supplements

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Nutritional supplement to stabilize water and electrolyte balance

Salt plaque provides animals with the necessary vitamins and minerals they can’t get from their diet.

Dehorning paste specific for calves, lambs and kids.

Bolos to restore calcium levels after birth

Nutritional supplement for the period of weaning, of calves

Water-soluble dietary supplement for calves, rabbits, pigeons and birds

Healing solution with chlorhexidine

Energy supplement for postpartum dairy cows.

Bolo to repair the energy deficit in dairy cows

Anti-diarrhea paste for cattle, buffaloes, pigs, sheep and goats

Liquid feed supplement for estrus preparation, reproduction and stress reduction (transport, crowding, heat) for ruminants, pigs, chickens and rabbits

Bolos, for the treatment of stomach malfunctions, poor appetite and digestive disorders

Nutritional supplement to reduce the risk of ketosis in dairy cows

Nutritional supplement to normalize animal temperature

Natural product with moisturizing and emollient action for the breasts and nipples

Water soluble dietary supplement for all types of animals