Company Profile

«Zoodynamiki» was founded in 1993 as a general partnership by Goulis Christos and Apostolos Sioutas with the aim of trading veterinary medicines, equipment and nutritional products. The primary objective of the company is the complete and essential support of the veterinarian, the animal technician and the farm producer with a full range:

– Veterinary medicines

– Parapharmaceutical products

– Veterinary instruments

– Veterinary clinic equipment

– Specialized nutritional supplements

With more than 30 years of experience, Zoodynamiki Ltd. is considered a leading company in the field of veterinary medicine, with a high sense of responsibility towards its customers and a strict commitment to achieving its mission.

Our Vision

Always aiming to provide high-quality services, investing in innovation, as well as in human relationships, our vision is to stabilize Zoodynamiki as the leader of the Greek market in the coming years. Towards this end, our company has fully automated operations in all of its departments, from the warehouse to the accounting department, based on modern commercial and accounting programs that allow complete monitoring of all storage and marketing parameters.

The Business Development department focuses on fully utilizing the capabilities of our business and defining its growth strategy. Based on the deep knowledge of the Greek market, the Sales and Marketing department undertakes the organized distribution of the products and the services provided to our customers. Our efforts are focused on promoting our products’ quality, range and competitiveness.

Our constant evolution and growth result from our commitment to extroversion and responsible service provision, which our customers recognize, and ensure Zoodynamiki’s high growth rates even in economic crisis and recession conditions. Consequently, the most prominent companies have chosen to cooperate with Zoodynamiki Ltd., recognizing our values ​​and high goals.

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