Backs Trinkwasserdesinfektion

Ready-to-use solution for disinfection of drinking water.

Applications: Backs water disinfection is ideal for the disinfection of drinking water to lofts in poultry and rabbit hutches and in the cabin at checkout.

Spectrum: Backs drinking water disinfection is effective against all types of bacteria in drinking water. It builds up self 100% biodegradable and thereby it has a very good efficacy.

Dosage: 1 ml to 1 liter of drinking water.

Active ingredient: 0.03% hydrogen peroxide.

Ingredients: Chlorine, ozone, oxygen.

Important notes: Backs drinking water disinfection can not be combined with other water additives, because it can reverse the effects of other drinking water additives.

Non-non-corrosive, non-drinking pure, tightly sealed and store in cool conditions. Keep out of reach of children.