Water soluble dietary supplement for all types of animals

It is a nutritional supplement, ideal for restoring normal balance and for estrus and reproduction.

Contains the optimum ratio of all the most important vitamins (vitamin A, D3, E, K3 and group B vitamins) and energy sources (sucrose and fructose).

Instructions for use:
Mix the multivitamin with 45ml or 100lt of drinking water.

Recommended daily quantity:
Dairy cows and female buffalo: 9 ml per animal, 2 weeks before the end of pregnancy until the confirmation of a subsequent pregnancy.
Sheep, rams, goats: 2 ml per animal from the last stage of pregnancy until the confirmation of a subsequent pregnancy.
Female poultry: during the estrus.

Composition per Kg:
Glucose, Fructose.

Moisture 45% – Crude protein 3% – Crude oils and fats 3% – Crude cellulose <0.01% – Crude ash 4.5% – Methionine 0.05% – Lysine 0.1% – Sodium 0.1%

Additions per Kg:</td
Vitamins, provitamins and chemically defined substances having similar effects</td
3a672b Vitamin A20.000.000 U.I.</td
3a671 Vitamin D3200.000 U.I.</td
3a700 Vitamin Ε/racemic mixture of all stereoisomers of α-tocopherol acetate8.000 mg</td
3a710 Vitamin K3800 mg</td
3a820 Vitamin B11.500 mg</td
Vitamin B21.050 mg</td
3a831 Vitamin B6600 mg</td
Βιταμίνη B1210 mg</td
3a315 nicotinic acid10.000 mg</td
3a842 Pantothenic acid / D-panthenol4.000 mg</td
3a316 folic acid200 mg</td
3a880 biotin15 mg</td
3a890 choline chloride100.000 mg</td
Emulsifiers, stabilizers, thickeners and thickeners</td
E484 Ricinoleate glycerol polyethylene glycol</td