13-0048Bottle of 500ml


Schleimfrei should be used continously during the racing time after races.

Complementary feed for pigeons

Composition: Chitosamine, 1,2 propanediol, glucose, sucrose

Analytical constituents: 90 % Moisture content, 5,7 % Crude protein, 0,7 % Crude fibre, 0,1 % Crude ash, 0 % Crude oils and fats, 0 % Sodium, 0 % Lysine, 0 % Methionine.

Instructions for proper use: Add 20 ml Backs Schleimfrei 1 x daily to 1 liter of water or add it for 25 pigeons to the feed. During the racing period Schleimfrei should be administered on the two time a week at the beginning of the week.

Keep well closed and protected from light.